Best router for 200Mbps Internet

For people with a 200Mbps connection to the internet, congratulations. That is a pretty fast connection. It is definitely not the quickest, with services from some cable and fiber to the home based providers clocking in at 1Gig or 2Gig service, but it is also much quicker than the 2017… Continue reading

What is my IP address for my router?

router with admin ip

Did you know that your router has two IP addresses? We’ll show you how to find out what they are. Private vs Public IP Addresses Your home network (and most networks in general) consist of both private and public IP addresses. What’s the difference? Public addresses can be used on… Continue reading

How to access my Netgear router

username password login prompt

Accessing your Netgear router’s web interface The process for accessing a Netgear router’s configuration screen is actually a little bit easier than most other home router brands. This is because Netgear uses the (or URL to redirect you to the Netgear router on your own network. That way,… Continue reading

Best Router and Modem Combo

cable modem plus router

  For most people, their cable modem and router are two separate devices, however this isn’t always the case. You can also get integrated “combo” devices, which feature a cable modem and a router in the same box. Before we go any further – a brief note: In this article, we… Continue reading